LTC Course and Firearms Instruction

 Carry Your Arms (CYA)  •  License To Carry
Our new LTC Class rate is changing immediately we no long have different rates available it will be $75 across the board for everyone.


Rain or Shine! (the bad guys don’t care about the weather!)  Covered Pistol Range.

State fee for LTC dropping to $40 for all non veterans and is still $25 for Veterans

Online classes will be advertised this fall in Texas , not by us we believe in the hands on approach( there is a catch) if you take a Texas approved online course you will be required to take an additional 1-2 hour hand gun course and still go to a Certified Texas  LTC instructor for the shooting portion of the class.

Also the minimum caliber requirement for the shooting qualification with be abolished on September 1st as well-


Class Schedule: Please email me me directly if you want in my class to  my sign up link on my web site was corrupt so I deleted it


June 30th
July 14TH
July 21st- Bonus Class
Augus 4th
August 18th


Check for info pertaining to fees, requirements, etc… (copy and paste in your browser)
LTC Application Instructions:
1. Go to
2. Open up License to carry link
3. Click on the “New Applicant link.
4. Login with information it ask for
5. The audit # the are asking for is the long number on the bottom of your Driver’s License
6. Fill out application
7. Pay state fee with your credit or debit card
8. Print receipt
9. Click on fingerprint link(should pop up when done with application)
10. Follow instructions
11. Set up appointment and get your prints
12. If you want to email your supporting documents(The CHL 100/ DD214 for vets)  after class is complete)
Go to
Choose license to carry (right side of menu)
Choose Contact Us
Add supporting documents –(must be scanned or a clear photo using your smart phone showing entire signed document- make sure to hit the attach button before sending.
Wait for license…………………………………………………………………………………………..
If you don’t have computer access let me know  we will help you get the papers you need.NEW CLASS HOURS:    8am -12pm’ish, then the required firing range time.  Usually 20-25 minutes to complete the firing requirements per group of shooters.

For all LTC Applicants, New and Renewal, I recommend going to to do your state required forms.  Their fee

is listed on the web site as are several variables that affect the price for the State fees.  All new applicants must also set up an

appointment with L-1 Fingerprinting Services which is an additional $9.95 fee.

We have all the forms available if you do not have internet access.  It has been taking anywhere from 30-90 days to receive your

license.  Typically, doing your application online will speed the process up to the 30 day turn around time-frame.

Veterans and current military will need a copy of your DD214, current set of orders or military ID to receive their


Read the police reports!  You need to CALL NOW and sign up!

COURSE TITLE:   Texas License to Carry
COURSE LENGTH:  4 to 6 hours (State Mandated) not including shooting time
COURSE FEE: $75 for everyone
We can handle classes up to 36 people so if you have a large group we can accommodate.
Sign up groups from family,  friends,  workplace,  neighborhood,  church,  etc.



This course covers the required State-Approved curriculum required by The Texas Department of Public Safety- Handgun Licensing Division to certify a private citizen as having completed a course of study to apply for a license to carry a “ Handgun” legally in Texas.

FORMAT: Handgun Course Power Point Presentation
If you are interested in being licensed to carry a Handgun under Texas Law you need to attend a Four (4) hour training course(plus shooting time) in accordance with Texas Law and then apply to the Texas Department of Public Safety for a Handgun License.  If you have been convicted of a felony, had a DWI in the last 5 years or have misdemeanors for disorderly conduct and any of these haven’t been expunged from your record please check with the DPS or your lawyer to see if you qualify.  Remember the course fee or state fee is NOT refundable.

Evans Brothers Guns L.L.C. offers a convenient one-day, 4hour course (plus shooting time)to complete the training requirements to apply for a license to carry a  handgun from the Texas Department of Public Safety-LTC Licensing Division.  Upon successful completion of the class and submission of the application to the Texas Department of Public Safety-LTC Licensing Division, the State of Texas will issue you a license within 60 working days, assuming you have no legal disqualifications.

Our LTC course includes the following:

  • 4 to 6 hours State-Mandated Classroom & Firearms Training not including shooting time
  • Firearms Qualification on a DPS-approved range


This course of instruction will satisfy the state requirement that you received training in the following areas:

  • License to carry law
  • Where you can carry and where you cannot (Places Prohibited under Chapter 46 of the Penal Code)
  • When you can use force or deadly force (under Chapter 9 of the Penal Code)
  • Legal implications of the use of force or deadly force
  • Texas weapons laws (including Chapter 46 of the Texas Penal Code)
  • Non-Violent Dispute Resolution
  • Firearms safety (as taught from a DPS Certified Concealed Handgun Instructor)



If you have any further questions about the “Concealed Handgun Law” in Texas you may follow  this link to the Texas Department of Public Safety.


You must supply your own Semi-Automatic Handgun or Revolver & fifty (50) rounds of ammunition to quality with at the range.  You may purchase ammunition and guns from us.  We will supply hearing and eye protection, (they are required).

Only quality manufactured handguns and ammunition will be permitted on the range for qualification purposes.  If you have questions about your handgun or ammo you should ask the instructor prior to attending this course.  NO RELOAD AMMUNITION IS PERMITTED!!  AGAIN, ONLY QUALITY COMMERCIALLY MANUFACTURED AMMO IS PERMITTED.  (We sell PMC, Winchester, Magtech, Federal, Remington, American Eagle and more!)

This course includes instruction on the following topics:
Licensing Requirements (including criminal history requirements), Requirements to be Licensed in Texas and Reciprocity Agreements with other States, Places Where Weapons are Prohibited, Violations by LTC License Holders, Standards of Conduct, Function of the Concealed Handgun Law,  Arrest Authority,  Article 14.01 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure,  Article 18.16 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure,  Chapter 42.01 of Texas Penal Code, Chapter 9 Use of Deadly Force, Use of Force Concepts, Issues Relating to the Concealed Handgun License, Response to Emergency Situations, Conflict Resolution, Force Options, and Firearms Training.


It is highly recommended that if you have never shot a gun and are applying for your LTC that you come out prior to day of class (call to see how busy we are).  We will help you learn the basics of your pistol.  If you don’t have a pistol we have a full line shop and if we don’t have a pistol you like we can order anything that is readily available.

Casey Evans – Certified Texas LTC Instructor, NRA Basic Pistol and Rifle instructor

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” (2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution.)

RENEWALS:  Dont wait until 1 week before your license runs out.  You will not get it back up to 3 months from the CHL division.  During this time you CAN NOT carry on your person

When  I have enough signed up for a class I will post the schedule.

  • Classes will be on Saturdays from 8am to 2pm.
  • Firing range time as soon as your done and have passed you can leave.
  • Class size 5 new applicants minimum and 36 maximum.
  • Only 7 people on the range at a time for qualifying.
  • I can also do off sight class room portion if need but must schedule at least 30 day in advance and this is only for groups larger than 36 people