SIGN UP FOR TEXAS LTC CLASS AT, (936) 422-4867 or message me on

LTC Prices for the State application portion down to $40 from $140.

Range rates (PER PERSON 16 yrs old and UP). Rates will be as follows:

1st gun -$8.00

extra guns- $2 each


Advantages of doing business with Evans Brothers Guns:

  1. Buy a Firearm 10% off everything else you purchase with firearm on day of purchase
  2. Free Range fee with each firearm purchased
  3. Gun Range out the back door- The only place in Lufkin Area you can shoot it the day you buy it.
  4. 6.75% Tax Rate
  5. We live, eat and sleep guns , reloading & shooting its our life.
  6. Smoke Free Gun Shop 


We have lots of Calls on Gun rentals, We DO NOT rent firearms at our facility. Usually outdoor ranges do not rent firearms as its not a containable environment such as an indoor range.


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Remember folks this is stuff that is not in our store but at our wholesalers is just gives you thousands of more options for items not in our store. Fell free to call if you have any questions . You can order these items through the convenience of your home . All item will be shipped to our store for pick up or we can ship anywhere in the USA.

We are a Class 3 Dealer order your suppressors here. We require full payment on all class III items to order them . The process to get one takes approximately 8 months from the time you submit the paper work to the time you can take possession of the suppressor. If you want to come visit your class III item and use it while waiting you can use it on our range but cant leave the premises with the class III item . If you for some reason think there is something that will keep you from obtaining a class III item please contact the ATF/NFA division and check . If you do not get ok’d we will refund 50% of the original cost of the class III item and assume ownership of it. We have to do this to protect ourselves financially and legally.

For Information on the latest attacks our gun rights click on the “about us” link and then click blogs.

Come on out and lets do some business. Help us grow and in return you will always have a nice place to enjoy your hobby!

Contact or visit us today!

Remember, if you bring your children to the range you are responsible for their safety. They will need hearing protection and YOUR supervision as we DO NOT have babysitting services. They must stay with you at all times.Thanks for your cooperation.